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Benny Benaroch is one of the top personal trainers in Montreal. He is recognized by many as a leading personal transformation coach. He has a passion for competing and transforming his clients lives!

What are your goals for this year lift wise and weight/body-fat % wise? What is your dream physique?

Well, I’ve managed to maintain my best physique to date from my last show which was in October 2015. I’ve been hovering around my stage weight and I’m maybe 2-3 pounds off. I’m not so focused on bulking or anything like that. I’ve managed to get an awesome physique together and I’m focused on maintaining it year round. I’ve been doing a pretty good job so far :)

As for lifts, I I know I’m not going to be getting that much stronger considering I’m not going to be increasing my calories as much as I would need to do really increase strength and size. As I mentioned, I’m focused on maintaining the physique I have now and trying to perfect it. My current goal is to bring an even better physique to my next show which might take place in April 2016 depending on the next couple of weeks.

Whats the most important personality trait that a transformation coach could possess? What motivates you to keep going and push harder?

My best trait is that I motivate my clients. Clients tell me all  the time that I rub off on them. I come off as very caring, they feel like I care about them. My clients know that they’re not the only clients that I have. These last few months especially, my client base has grown significantly. They like to tell me that although I have so many clients, I make them feel like they are my only client and it means a lot to them. People need that.

They need to know that the coach is always there for them. Whenever they have a question, I’m right there to answer any questions they may have and help guide them through the process. As a coach, you’re present with your client when you’re with them. There’s a whole bunch of hours where you’re not with them and it helps keep them on point when they’re at home cooking or out at a restaurant trying to make the right choice. It makes a world of difference as your motivation is rubbing off on them in a big way. When clients are training alone, they will push that 10-20% harder for their goals by receiving that extra support.


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