Living with IBS

Very few people know this about me, but I’ve been dealing with IBS my whole life. Over the years it’s been getting progressively worse to deal with but I finally…

Patience is key

Most of us want results right away, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Whether it’s building muscle, losing fat or gaining strength, all of those take time, it won’t…

Advice For The Holidays

The number one thing you want to limit over the holiday festivities is ALCOHOL! It’s easy to get carried away with drinking, but all that sugar will quickly set you back.

Portion control will be very important. You want to enjoy some delicious food, but you have to avoid over eating. Try limiting your calorie intake so it doesn’t go through the roof!


High-volume, low-calorie foods like broccoli and cabbage are typically withheld from muscle-building diets as they can cause the early onset of satiety and fullness, which makes hitting a high-calorie target harder. But withholding broccoli and other vegetables that are members of the cruciferous family is a mistake, because they provide a hormonal advantage by reducing estrogen.

These kinds of vegetables, especially broccoli, contain several unique antioxidants and compounds that can help to improve your health in a variety of different ways, not limited to fighting cancer. Indole-3-carbinol and D-glucaric acid are two other nutrients found in cruciferous vegetables that aid in clearing excessive estrogen and toxins from your body.

Radio Interview

I had the great opportunity to be interviewed by Radio X Quebec! My client Chantal Lamontagne and I spoke about her incredible 12 week transformation, and how we worked together…

Favourite vegetables and salad dressing

My all time favourite vegetable is broccoli! With so many health benefits, it’s a no brainer to incorporate it in every serving of my daily vegetables. Baby spinach is a must when I want to make a salad. I also like to add celery and all coloured peppers. I use this combination of vegetables everyday and I’ll consume about 6 servings throughout the day. 
I like to make my own salad dressing which consists of: Mrs. Dash table blend mix, pepper, lemon and apple cider vinegar. They all contain 0 calories, so you can’t go wrong using them! 

Tips for ABS

No secret for getting those six pack abs! No pills or special workouts or waist trimmers are going to help. We always look for the short cut or any loop hole to get the mid section we’ve always wanted, but at the end of the day it comes down to your DIET!

A good and healthy balanced diet, along with effective training, will allow you to lose body fat and THEN you will start seeing a difference in your stomach region. As your body fat drops, your abs become more visible.

Core training will help develop and strengthen your mid section, but at the end of the day you won’t see them unless you bring down your body fat.

Bicep blast

Looking for a quick bicep workout? Try this one out!   15 second breaks in between sets.   Hammer dumbbell curls : 4 X 25. Preacher curl machine: 5 X…


I make sure to stretch after every single workout. I’ll spend about 10 minutes regardless of which body part I trained. It allows me to be more flexible, recover quicker…

Intense Arm Workout

Alternate dumbbell curls: 100 reps straight with minimal breaks using the same weight. Tricep dips with body weight: 100 reps straight with minimal breaks. Bicep cable curls superset with tricep…


Perform these 3 exercises in a row and take a 30 second breaks before repeating them.    Ball crunches: 3 X 25   Lying leg raises with ball between feet:…

Voted 2nd best trainer

Voted 2nd best trainer in the city of Montreal according to MTL BLOG: http://www.mtlblog.com/2015/11/10-of-the-best-montreal-trainers-according-to-you/   Certified Personal trainer, online coach, fitness model and competitor. You’ve heard his name multiple times before…


Hate doing cardio? Find it boring? Many of us don’t enjoy it, but it’s very effective for fat loss! Stick to something that you find enjoyable and make the best…

Core Routine

It’s been a while now that I’ve incorporated a small core routine after every workout. Since I started it’s the best my mid section has ever looked, and the strongest…

Leg Workout

I’ve been making my own training programs for several years now. I like to try different things, always try to shock the body and never allow my muscles to get…