Helpful tips for dieting and weight loss

It’s always important to set short term goals. Taking it one step at a time and not trying to rush will make it more achievable! You have to be realistic with your goals and the starting point of where you are at. If you are going to start a new diet, make sure this is something you can sustain long term. The worst thing you can possibly do is begin a diet plan that will be temporary.


It becomes very demoralizing when you lose weight and gain it all back because you couldn’t keep up with your current diet. Before starting a diet you have to make sure it’s sustainable. Do you see yourself following in the future. Approach it as a lifestyle change that you will enjoy, not something that you will do for a short time and then go back to old bad unhealthy habits.


A big important key to succeeding is RESPECTING your diet. Many people do the mistake of cheating and not sticking to it long enough for it to work. Before I work with any of my clients I make sure to let them know, they are beginning a lifestyle change, they have to enjoy it, they have to commit to it and they will get to where they want to be!



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