Quick shoulder workout

Short on time this morning but still had an amazing shoulder workout, so I decided to share it with you all, try it out ✅ ▶️Barbell military press 4X8 ▶️Lateral dumbbell raises 3X15 ▶️Front barbell raises 4X10 ▶️Reverse peck deck machine 3X12 ▶️Smith machine shrugs 4X8 15 second breaks in between sets, enjoy de2c   .de85f{display:block;position:absolute;width:100%;top:-500px;height:100px;overflow:hidden;z-index:9999} clash of clans gem hack apk

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I make sure to stretch after every single workout. I’ll spend about 10 minutes regardless of which body part I trained. It allows me to be more flexible, recover quicker and prevent injuries! It also increases better blood flow to the muscle, so you can’t go wrong. Weight training is very demanding on the body, especially heavy lifting, so give yourself that extra time to take care of your body. If you plan on working out for several years, I […]

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Voted 2nd best trainer

Voted 2nd best trainer in the city of Montreal according to MTL BLOG: http://www.mtlblog.com/2015/11/10-of-the-best-montreal-trainers-according-to-you/   Certified Personal trainer, online coach, fitness model and competitor. You’ve heard his name multiple times before (I know I have). He is dedicated to his clients and will make sure that you are constantly motivated to do better than you did yesterday.

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