Bicep blast

Looking for a quick bicep workout? Try this one out!   15 second breaks in between sets.   Hammer dumbbell curls : 4 X 25. Preacher curl machine: 5 X 8. Reverse barbell curls: 3 X 15.

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I make sure to stretch after every single workout. I’ll spend about 10 minutes regardless of which body part I trained. It allows me to be more flexible, recover quicker and prevent injuries! It also increases better blood flow to the muscle, so you can’t go wrong. Weight training is very demanding on the body, especially heavy lifting, so give yourself that extra time to take care of your body. If you plan on working out for several years, I […]

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Intense Arm Workout

Alternate dumbbell curls: 100 reps straight with minimal breaks using the same weight. Tricep dips with body weight: 100 reps straight with minimal breaks. Bicep cable curls superset with tricep cable rope extensions: 3 X 20. Bicep barbell curls superset with tricep dumbbell kickbacks: 3 X 12.

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Perform these 3 exercises in a row and take a 30 second breaks before repeating them.    Ball crunches: 3 X 25   Lying leg raises with ball between feet: 3 X  10   Lying alternate knee tucks: 3 X 20  

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Hate doing cardio? Find it boring? Many of us don’t enjoy it, but it’s very effective for fat loss! Stick to something that you find enjoyable and make the best of it, whether it’s doing sprints, using the stair master, spinning…they are all effective as long as you put the right intensity into it! I’ll do 30 minutes of cardio everyday after my weight training workout. I prefer using the stair master at a high level, and sometimes I’ll alternate […]

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Core Routine

It’s been a while now that I’ve incorporated a small core routine after every workout. Since I started it’s the best my mid section has ever looked, and the strongest it’s ever been. I spend about 5-10 minutes, usually 2 exercises each time, and a total of 6-10 sets. Try this one: Hanging leg raises: 3 x 12 (keep legs straight, no swinging, contract at the top). Decline bench oblique crunches: 3 x 10 (keep mid section contracted while twisting […]

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