I make sure to stretch after every single workout. I’ll spend about 10 minutes regardless of which body part I trained. It allows me to be more flexible, recover quicker and prevent injuries! It also increases better blood flow to the muscle, so you can’t go wrong. Weight training is very demanding on the body, especially heavy lifting, so give yourself that extra time to take care of your body. If you plan on working out for several years, I […]

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Helpful tips for dieting and weight loss

It’s always important to set short term goals. Taking it one step at a time and not trying to rush will make it more achievable! You have to be realistic with your goals and the starting point of where you are at. If you are going to start a new diet, make sure this is something you can sustain long term. The worst thing you can possibly do is begin a diet plan that will be temporary.   It becomes […]

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